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  • Birmingham - B21 0HL.
  • Ph No: 0121 5548516



If you are unhappy about the level of care given to you by the doctor, nurse or any other member of staff, please do not hesitate to let us know. We have a complaints policy that allows you to express your grievance either in writing to the practice manager or contact her by telephone. Every grievance is handled with utmost importance. Once you have made a complaint, the practice manager will contact you again within a week’s time once she has spoken to the staff member involved.

COMPLAINING ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE ELSE, Please note that Holyhead Primary Healthcare Centre keeps strictly to the rules of medical confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, the practice needs to know that you have their permission to do so. A note signed by the person concerned will be required, unless they are incapable of providing this due to illness or disability.

COMPLAINING TO OTHER AUTHORITIES The practice management team hope that if you have a problem you will use the Practice Complaints Procedure. However, if you feel you cannot raise your complaint with us, or you are dissatisfied with the response received from us,
you can contact any of the following 3 bodies:

  • NHS EnglandPO Box 16738
    B97 9PT
    e-Mail : england.contactus@nhs.net
    Tel: 03003112233
  • Patient Advisory Liaison Service (PALS)Queen Elizabeth Hospital;
    Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre;
    Birmingham B15 2TH
    Tel: 0121 3713280
  • Independent Complaints and Advocacy Service (ICAS)POhWER
    Po Box no: 14043;
    Birmingham B6 9BL
    Tel: 0300 456 2370
    Fax: 0300 456 2365
  • Sandwell and West Birmingham CCGKingston House;
    438-450 High Street
    West Bromwich B70 9LD
    Tel: 0121 612 1500

Zero Tolerance

The surgery will not tolerate violence or abusive behavior on the practice premises. Patients, who are violent or abusive to any member of the practice team, or its visitors, will be removed from the practice list with immediate effect. The incident will also be reported to the police.

Data Protection

The practice is fully computerized and all information held on the computer is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We have robust systems in place to protect your confidentiality. Occasionally anonymous health information is sent to the CCG to monitor quality standards and for post-payment verification purposes. You have the right to see computerized data by written request and the payment of the standard fee.


The doctors, nurses and all other members of staff are trained in confidentiality and operate a strict policy of patient confidentiality. You should therefore feel comfortable in disclosing any information you think is important in the knowledge that all information is protected and will not be released to anyone without your consent.

If you need to discuss anything of a confidential nature, please tell the receptionist and arrangements will be made to see you privately. Occasionally, practice approved research workers will have access to patients’ records. They will observe the same rules of confidentiality as members of staff. If you object to your medical records being used in this way, please inform the practice manager and your notes will be marked accordingly.

In some circumstances, it is necessary for us to share information about you. We will only do this if it is in your interest or that of public health. Whenever practical, we will remove details which will identify you and will seek your permission first. The sharing of all personal information is strictly controlled by law. Anyone who receives information from us is under legal duty to keep it confidential.

Confidentiality for under 16’s

Teenagers are entitled to the same confidentiality as adults; this includes children over thirteen years of age providing the doctor or nurse feels they are capable of making decisions about their own health.

Patients over 14years are entitled to visit any doctor that is willing to provide contraceptive services without having to register with that practice.

All practice staff including receptionists following strict guidelines to ensure patient confidentiality.