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  • Birmingham - B21 0HL.
  • Ph No: 0121 5548516

Patient Charter

Your Obligation as a Patient:

  • Please treat all our staff with the same courtesy and respect offered to you
  • Patients are responsible for their own health and health of their children and should co-operate with the practice in endeavoring to keep them healthy. We give you professional help and advice. Please act on it.
  • Keeping appointments and being on time, or Giving as much notice as possible if you wish to cancel or alter an appointment.
  • We can give an appointment you no longer want to someone else who needs it, if you let us know in time.
  • Coming to the surgery, during surgery hours whenever possible and only request a home visit if you are not well enough to get to the surgery. If you do need a home visit please try to ask before 10am. Request out of surgery hour’s home visits, or advice, only when truly necessary
  • Please provide a contact phone number and leave the light on at night to help the visiting doctor.
  • Informing the practice of any change of address and making sure we have your telephone number.
  • If you are attending for outpatient appointments, please also inform the hospital/clinic
  • Making requests for repeat prescriptions at least-two working days before you need your medication
  • No smoking in the waiting room or anywhere else in the health centre, as we have a no smoking policy.
  • Ask if you are unclear about your medication or treatment
  • Please think twice before calling out the Emergency Service (Prime Care) or attending A&E Dept.